• Simple Tips To Get Your Kids To Drink More Water!

    As a parent it can sometimes be a struggle to get our kids to drink water! Luckily we have a few easy tricks to help you!!


    1. Infuse your water with flavor by adding Fruits and Veggies

    Try mixing water with some fruits such as like lemons, berries, oranges. You could even freeze ice cubes with berries in them to add to your water. This will keep the water cold yet tasty.


    2. Get them a special Water Bottle/Cup! 

    We all have our "favorite cup".  The best thing to do is to take your little ones to the store and let them pick out a water bottle or a cup that is unique from the others! Make sure to only feel the water bottle with water. You could also buy them some cheap straws. Kids love drinking from straws.


    3. Set up a rewards system.

    Who doesn't like to be rewarded? Make a deal with your kids that if they drink a certain amount of ounces each day for x amount of day that you will take them to the movies or buy them a special treat! It can even be as simple as creating a stay at home tea party!


    4. Inspire your kids!

    Have you ever noticed when you do or say something the next thing you know your child is doing the same thing! Try this with water! Drink lots of water around your kids. You can even add fun things in it to get them to notice it more like Strawberries or Blueberries, plus this would benefit you as well!


    5. Bring water everywhere you go!

    Its easy to say yes to a soda when your sitting at a restraint. However if you already have water it easier to just pull that out! Packing water would make it easier and convent to give to them while at the park or in the car!


    6. Limit the options

    Keep the options on the low. Try to keep the fridge stocked with milk, water and one type of juice. You can alternate between the 3 throughout the day. 


    7. Start as early as you can

    The sooner you start the faster your kids will be on there way to drink water all the time! The younger you starts the better! Babies can start having water at around 4 months, This depends on your personal opinion and taking to your pediatrician. If they grow up drinking water it will be easier to continue that habit. However if you have not, that's okay!!! There is still hope! You can start these changes at any time.